Tim Connelly - Principal & Founder

Tim Connelly founded Connelly & Associates in 2001 and has over 25 years of practical experience in various areas of high tech engineering, marketing and management. Prior to C&A, Tim was CEO and Chief Accounting Officer of EasyWare Software (aka IClubCentral), the leading supplier of partnership accounting software for investment clubs in the US.

Previously he was a principal of QED Research and QED Capital. At QED, Tim engaged in merger & acquisition activities and conducted large scale market research projects for several major Japanese multinationals, including Hitachi and NEC. Typical projects were an analysis of future mainframe systems and LANs in the US Federal Government.

Prior to joining QED, Tim was the Director of Custom IT Consulting at Dataquest (aka Gartner Group). Tim also co-founded a computer system company, InterFile, and a medical electronic company, Filac, which was later sold to Cheesebrough Ponds. He was also one of three key managers that established a medical laser system division at Spectra Physics, the leading commercial laser company at the time. Other corporate affiliations included Lockheed and Lawrence Livermore National Laboratories.

Tim holds an honors MBA from Stanford's Graduate School of Business and a BSEE from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He is the former President and Director of the MIT Club of Northern California.

Lorraine Wilson, Ph. D. - Principal Consultant

Lorraine joined Connelly & Associates in 2005. She has several significant design patents and achievement awards, with over 25 years of design engineering experience, and increasing program management responsibilities as a PMI-certified Project Manager.

Lorraine began her engineering career as an Edison Program Graduate at General Electric, rising to the GE Computer Management Operation and GE Automation Systems Division (Robotics) under the guidance of her legendary mentor, Dr. Jules Mirabel, General Manager.

She gained experience with NASA Aerospace and DOD projects while working with GE, AT&T/Bell Laboratories, United Technologies Corporation, Orbital Sciences, Boeing, General Dynamics, Northrop-Grumman and Lockheed-Martin. She was Co-Founder and President of Spectradyne Corporation, one of the first LASER application developers.

Lorraine holds Bachelor of Science degrees in Economics and Marketing, and Electrical Engineering from the University of Bridgeport. She also has a Masters in Applied Science & Technology from Trinity College, and completed her Doctorate at MIT/Sloan in System Dynamics, Engineering & Technology Management.

Francis ("Fran") Vegliante - Senior Consultant

Fran is a seasoned computer and telecommunications industry sales executive with over 25 years of professional experience. He has a consistent track record of achieving above quota sales levels; building lasting relationships with new and existing clients. In the telecommunications industry, he has extensive sales experience in VoIP, IP PBX, mobile communications, network monitoring, broadband services, network security, GPS tracking, content delivery streaming video, video conferencing, TDMA, 3G, WiMAX, WiFI and WAP products and technologies.

Mr. Vegliante served as Executive Vice President of Worldwide Sales & Business Development at Star2Star, a manufacturer of VoIP IP PBX broadband equipment. He booked over $17 million in new business in this start-up company.

At Burst.com, Inc., Fran was the Vice President of Business Development. He was successful in negotiating partnership contracts valued at $23 million. This firm was in the streaming video server business. While at DocuPoint Networks as Vice President of Worldwide Sales, Fran booked sales of $9 million in new business.

Fran has also served as a Vice President of Sales at Iomega Corporation, Interfile, and LaserData. He holds a BS Degree in Computer Science and Marketing from the University of Tampa, and has completed graduate courses in International Studies at Yale University.

Greg Marus - Senior Consultant

Greg has 20+ years as an industry analyst, consultant, and manager for top market research and consulting firms such as Dataquest, Frost & Sullivan, and the Gartner Group.

In addition to research and consulting, he has worked in technical and marketing roles for a number of high-technology companies, in areas as diverse as remote computing and network services, document image conversion, knowledge management, Y2K software tools and graphic image masking. These firms have ranged in size from startups to Fortune 500, including Tymshare/Tymnet (McDonald-Douglas), West Coast Information Systems (WESCO), and Paravue Corporation (image processing).

Greg also has extensive international business experience, and an academic background in international studies and quantitative social sciences. He has a Bachelor's degree in Political Science from Yale University, and a Master of Science in Foreign Service (M.S.F.S.) from Georgetown in International Relations (History, Political Science and Economics).

Robb Kidd - Senior Consultant

Rob has extensive experience in the areas of networking, security, Software as a Service, "cloud" environments, and font and digital asset management. He has provided market research and analysis to Fortune 500 companies like IBM, Research Vendors such as Gartner Group and start-ups. Companies have relied on Rob for strategic advice on market positioning, business and partnership development. Rob's passion is understanding how existing and emerging technologies will impact the future of electronic business and organizations. He is versed in traditional technology marketing and market research, as well as search engine optimization, web analytics, new media marketing and Web 2.0.

Before joining Connelly & Associates, Rob served in positions in product marketing, product management and partnership management at McAfee.com and McAfee. He was the product marketing manager for service provider network management platforms at Intel. At Sequent Computers Rob managed Competitive Intelligence and Field Marketing, and at Dataquest (aka Gartner Group), he founded the Server Systems Service and managed major accounts such as HP, IBM, NCR, DEC, UNISYS and SUN.

Rob has an MBA from the University Of British Columbia, an MS in computer science from the University Of Toronto, an MS in statistics from the University Of Oregon and a BA from The Colorado College.



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